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Diamond Park

Diamond Park is owned by Birchwood Area Community Land Trust Limited (BACLT), on behalf of Birchwood Big Local and the Birchwood community.
During 2016 and early 2017, a range of local consultations took place to help decide what could be installed in the Park.  As a result, a range of play equipment was chosen. Installation of Phase 1, equipment for the younger children, began in Autumn 2017. 
Following delays caused by a range of complex issues , the Park opened with Phase 1 completed in October 2018. 

Further consultations on the older children, Phase 2, equipment, took place throughout early 2019. As a result the chosen equipment was installed and the Park was fully reopened in May 2019. 

Following the Park’s reopening a large number of events have been held, enjoyed by 100’s of local residents. 

Birchwood Big Local continues to fund the park’s upkeep, with volunteers from Birchwood Big Local managing the park, opening and closing it each day, carrying out safety checks and keeping the Park clean, safe and tidy.
The volunteers are also engaged in regular work days carrying out gardening tasks. 

Please make all inquiries via our ‘Contact Us’ page.